About Us

At present, the Goa – Center for Excellence in Intellectual Property [G-CEIP] – first of its kind in India was established in 2016. The Center focuses on addressing the immediate need(s) focusing on IP considerations with an appropriate balance of academic training, continuous updating and upgradation of knowledge base in IP matters and providing IP services to the industry in India with an objective to provide such services globally.

About Goa College of Pharmacy

Goa College of Pharmacy, established in the year 1963, has been producing pharmacists with a vowed objective of facilitating the manufacture of quality medicines and providing an apt “pharmaceutical care” to the people of the state of Goa. To achieve this objective the college imparts quality education to the students in programs like D. Pharm, B, Pharm and M. Pharm and Ph.D. programs in various disciplines to actively be engaged in advanced research activities contributing to better health care.