Accolades And Achievements

 Goa- Center for Excellence in IP (G-CEIP) – first of its kind in India – a non-profit personally funded center was established in 2016. The Center has launched CAMPAIGN 2020 and BEYOND – a 5 year dedicated effort to enhance the knowledgebase and awareness of IP in the scientific communities across disciplines and across state boundaries in the entire country. The sole objective of this campaign is to induce spirit of inquiry in translating theoretical science into innovative products.

DIT University, Uttarakhand established the University Innovation Day on 25th November to be celebrated every year as a honor to the activities carried out by GCEIP across the country.

Rabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Inauguration of Center for Innovation and IP Management at Institutions/Universities

Inauguration of Information Innovation Center at Institutions/Universities


National Outreach till date 

❖ Universities: 35+
❖ Disciplines: 12+
❖ Associations: 5
❖ Presentations: 150+
❖ Stakeholders: 15000+


States Accessed: 16
Union Territory: 1

➠ Goa [Home State]
➠ Andhra Pradesh
➠ Delhi
➠ Haryana
➠ Kerala
➠ Rajasthan
➠ Maharashtra
➠ Telangana
➠ West Bengal
➠ Ladakh  (UT)
➠ Chhattisgarh
➠ Gujarat
➠ Karnataka
➠ Madhya Pradesh
➠ Punjab
➠ Tamil Nadu
➠ Uttarakhand